Coy Stepro, General Manager, Simpson Aerospace Service

Coy Stepro

General Manager Coy Stepro brings a deep experience in engineering, mechanics, and production processes to SAS. Having a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and associate degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Purdue, Coy previously worked for Ford Motor Co. where he gained experience in costs and value of production, and just-in-time delivery.  He joined SAS in 2007, applying his formal education and the common sense experience of growing up and working with his father, a well-known master mechanic. At SAS, Coy has teamed closely with founder, Dean Simpson, engraining Dean’s commitment for getting the job done right and on time with attention to lean manufacturing costs.  Away from work,  Coy enjoys time with his wife, Amber, and their two children. He also relishes hunting and all forms of “horsepower!”

Amber Simpson, Simpson Services, Alloy, Aerospace

Amber Stepro

Business Manager Amber Stepro places her primary focus on prompt, professional service delivered with an appreciation for individual clients.  Growing up on the family farm, she learned and fostered those traits early on. First, working with Simpson Farm clients for seed, chemical inputs, and supplies, and later in a 15-year career with a farm lending business.  She is a graduate of Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree in Business.  During her years as Servicing Manager for a farm mortgage company she learned valuable skills in listening to clients, following up, and having a sense of urgency for them. She returned to the family business to make those traits hallmarks of SAS.

Marcus Kembel, Senior Design Engineer, Simpson Aerospace Services, Elizabeth Indiana

Marcus Kembel

Senior Design Engineer Marcus Kembel brings 20 years of experience in the design of aircraft maintenance stands to SAS.  While working at Northwest Airlines, Marcus gained direct interaction with mechanics, allowing him to grow his understanding of what was needed for safe and effective equipment. In addition, he was included in Northwest’s Continuous Improvement Process team to develop improved process flow in the hanger.  After Northwest, Marcus worked with Settles Ground Support and DAE Industries where he designed full coverage access stands from CRJ Regional Jets to C-5 Galaxy Transport Aircraft.  Marcus’ stand designs have transformed Tinker Air Force Base’s B-52, C-3 AWACS and B1B Bomber hangers into award winning time efficient maintenance operations.  His experience in commercial and military design allows SAS to offer all aspects of aircraft access stands from concept to final fit-check.  Born in Long Beach California, Marcus earned a B.S. Mechanical Engineering from Long Beach State University.  He now lives in Atlanta, GA., where he and his wife, Jana, enjoy their horses, chickens, dogs and cats, and family of eight children.

Gary Adkins

Design Engineer Gary Adkins has deep experience in both engineering and in process design and management.  A graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Gary also holds Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification.  His experience includes troubleshooting and training team members in areas covering electrical, pneumatic/hydraulics and robotics.   Often, his work involves isolating problematic areas and developing solutions that continually improve production efficiencies for the plant and for staff.  Gary previously worked in the automotive manufacturing industry, where he led a team of 28 engineers, technicians, managers, and others.   Working to improve practices, eliminate downtime and increase efficiency are his passions.   Gary and his wife, Nicole, have two daughters,  Alexa and Kyrsten, and during his off time he loves fabricating and building old cars and trucks, including a ’36 Ford Coupe, a ’72 Chevelle, and a ’64 Ford F100.  He not only builds them, but also takes them out to rip and run at racing meets.

Dean and Kathy Simpson, Simpson Aerospace Services, Simpson Alloy Services

Dean and Kathy Simpson

SAS-INC Founders Dean and Kathy Simpson are business advisors and members of the family board that steer all operations of Simpson Farms, Simpson Agri Trucking, Simpson Alloy Services and Simpson Aerospace Services. Their business history started when as a junior in high school, Dean rented 3-acres to farm. When he and Kathy married, they continued their commitment to farming, steadily growing the operation to its present size of 2,600 acres in row crops, and 480 head of cattle. In 1992, Dean created Simpson Alloy Services to  diversify and provide full season income for a growing workforce. Kathy focused on the business operation’s accounting and bookkeeping, but was never shy of jumping in a truck or tractor (child in tow) when the farm needed hands. Today, their enterprises involve all the family (3 children and their spouses) and a workforce of 18 and growing. In addition to the farming operations, they also provide custom excavation services, spraying and fertilizer applications for other producers, and represent Pioneer seed.  A third company, Simpson Agri Trucking, LLC, operates 7 tractor trailers, hauling grain and other material.

Our Production Team

The professionalism and quality of our growing team means customers benefit from people who love their work, put pride in it, and enjoy collaborating with others. It’s personal at SAS, so we strive to create a workplace with a family feel. Our customers sense it too.

Those like Randy Ball, Production Manager, who has more than two decades of experience in welding and associated processes, guide our team. Randy and Gary Adkins and others will be on-site with your staff, working to assure prompt delivery, and that our product meets your specifications. Bill Medley, Business Development, brings decades of marketing/sales experience to SAS, much of that time dedicated to communicating with customers, and understanding your needs.

The expertise and personal touch our team members provide (on-site, and in the shop) doesn’t happen by accident. It takes above-average people to be on our team, and that high bar gives an added layer of comfort  to customers that you are in the right hands.

SAS Team

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